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Pig Cuts and Uses

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pig cuts

HAM: A ham is a perfect selection whether served as a main course or as an accompaniment with a brunch or buffet. When smoked, it can be served cold, at room temperature or heated.

Fresh: Boneless or Bone-In Glazing, Baking, Braising and Stuffing
Smoked: Boneless or Bone-In Heated as a main course, or for use in soups and pasta dishes
Center Cut Slices Ham & Beans, Broiled, Grilled or Glazed Ham Steak

BOSTON BUTT: The Boston Butt cuts are delicious when paired with everything from chiles to chutneys.

Country-Style Ribs
Glazing, Barbeque (offers more meat than spareribs and backribs)
Butt Roast Ideal for pulled pork, braising and roasting


Pig’s Feet
Soups, Stocks

LOIN: The loin is an extremely versatile cut. The tenderloin, roasts and chops are delicious when stuffed, braised, roasted or barbecued – there is no limit to their uses.

Roasting, Grilling, Delicious when stuffed
Top Loin Roast Stuffed and Roasted, Sweet and Sour Pork
Shoulder Flatiron  
Loin End Roast Roasting
Rib Chops Stuffed, Pan-Broiled, Brinded with vinegar and peppers
Loin Chops Braise, Roast, Pan-Fry, Grill
Backribs The leanest choice in ribs; Roasting, Broiling, Braising


Glazing, Grilling, Marinating, Braising, Oven Roasting and Barbecuing. Leaner than country-style ribs.


All-purpose; available fresh great on or smoked sandwiches, as a side at brerakfast or brunch or for use in recipes


Stocks, Stews: use in place of pancetta or bacon


Mild Breakfast
Served alongside breakfast or brunch, used in omelets or scrambled eggs
Sweet Italian Served alongside pasta or grilled; used in stuffing
Hot Italian Served alongside pasta or grilled; used in stuffing
Andouille New Orleans & Creole specialties or grilled; used in stuffing
Chorizo Spanish specialties; great with eggs
Kielbasa German specialties, Grilled, with sauerkraut, in chilis and soups


Fresh Picnic Roast available in boneless or bone-in
Also known as a sholder roast: Brining, and Roasting for recipes such as Irish "bacon" and cabbage slow-roasted sandwiches, barbeque and hoisin roasts
Smoked Picnic Roast - boneless or bone-in Roast, Braise
Shank Osso Buco
Arm Steak Ideal for Braising
Hock - available fresh or smoked Soups, Stews, Pea Soup, White Bean Soup, "Hoppin' John" (eaten in the South on New Year's Day for good luck), collard greens