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Custom Butchered Whole & Half Pigs

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pig cutsAt Brown Boar Farm, we raise our Tamworth and Berkshire pigs in lush pasture and maintained forest on a vegetarian diet of natural pasture greens and grains. Our pigs live stress-free and comfortably and are free to roam and forage in a safe yet open environment. Our meat is always growth hormone and antibiotic free. At Brown Boar Farm, we are proud of our contribution to the preservation of these rare and important heritage breeds. Pork produced from heritage breeds is considered to be more flavorful than commercially raised pork. Tamworths have a reputation for producing the best bacon, and the lean nature of their meat makes the entire pig ideal for both taste and health reasons. The sought after "Kurobuta" pork of the Berkshire pig is known for its exceptional taste, which makes it an ideal choice for those who demand the highest quality and heirloom authenticity from their food. When placing custom butchering orders, please call in advance so we can meet your exact specifications within your time frame.

With a market weight of 250 pounds and a yield of 73.6%, the typical hog will have an approximate hanging weight of 180 pounds. This will yield approximately 140 pounds of meat in total (this may increase or decrease depending on your butchering choices). Brown Boar Farm's customized butchering allows you to make the decisions regarding your purchase. Please review our cut sheet to place your order. We are always available for consultation regarding your choices; please contact us at 802-325-2461 or email us at

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SUCKLING: A suckling pig is an elegant and impressive alternative to traditional main course selections. Our suckling pigs are completely ready for your preparation.

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